Legacy Project

MeKindergarten (2)

“Cheeeese!” My kindergarten school picture, circa 1975


Email to Mom – Saturday, Sept. 8, 2018

OK here is the project I told you about, and I’m going to do it too – I think it should be a lot of fun!

I found a book at the library called “Elderwriters: Celebrate Your Life!” – and it’s a step-by-step guide to creating what’s known as a Personal Legacy Document:

A collection of original and/or otherwise authored writings that reflect your thoughts and feelings about what life has meant to you. It is a gift to give to friends, family, and future generations.”

So, create a new Word Doc or just use this email if you prefer – if a Word Doc title it “Elderwriters.”

And then you’ll start at the beginning with START-UP EXERCISES: building up momentum right away- getting into the flow of wring…just one for today – or, you can start tomorrow.

Exercise One:

Make a list of 20-25 of your favorite things, just a few words each.

Some random examples:

  • The sight of spring flowers, the sky at sunset, and the sound of the ocean waves soothe my senses.
  • The feel of the sun on my face, the soft fur of my cat, and the feeling of satin and velvet.
  • The smell of onions and peppers cooking, newly mowed grass, and chocolate chip cookies baking.
  • Spending time at the lake house.
  • Playing cards with my friends.
  • Chocolate
  • Detective style TV shows
  • Scary movies
  • Books about ….
  • Gardening, because…..

ETC ETC. you get the idea!

So, this is your first exercise in the project. I realize it’s getting late today so you can start tomorrow if you like. Let’s do this!